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Utah Property Taxes by County

Utah Property Tax By County Utah : Median property tax is $1,351.00

This interactive table ranks Utah's counties by median property tax in dollars, percentage of home value, and percentage of median income. The list is sorted by median property tax in dollars by default. You can sort by any column available by clicking the arrows in the header row.

For a visual display of how property taxes compare in Utah's 29 counties, visit our interactive Utah county map. You can download or print a hard copy of this table as a PDF - please remember to credit

County Name Median Property Tax Median Home Value % Home Value Median Income % Income
Beaver County$688.00$150,200.000.46%$44,635.001.54%
Box Elder County$953.00$162,000.000.59%$60,405.001.58%
Cache County$942.00$180,300.000.52%$62,227.001.51%
Carbon County$617.00$109,200.000.57%$49,205.001.25%
Daggett County$680.00$181,800.000.37%$50,417.001.35%
Davis County$1,354.00$224,400.000.60%$75,275.001.80%
Duchesne County$927.00$162,600.000.57%$58,703.001.58%
Emery County$620.00$105,500.000.59%$51,815.001.20%
Garfield County$646.00$129,900.000.50%$46,722.001.38%
Grand County$808.00$194,100.000.42%$46,367.001.74%
Iron County$1,043.00$204,600.000.51%$51,725.002.02%
Juab County$984.00$163,300.000.60%$57,122.001.72%
Kane County$846.00$174,500.000.48%$47,896.001.77%
Millard County$626.00$121,100.000.52%$52,793.001.19%
Morgan County$1,303.00$260,600.000.50%$73,214.001.78%
Piute County$623.00$163,500.000.38%$40,588.001.53%
Rich County$422.00$120,300.000.35%$55,929.000.75%
Salt Lake County$1,588.00$237,500.000.67%$71,357.002.23%
San Juan County$911.00$108,000.000.84%$43,579.002.09%
Sanpete County$817.00$148,700.000.55%$47,568.001.72%
Sevier County$795.00$148,300.000.54%$50,047.001.59%
Summit County$1,921.00$492,100.000.39%$92,357.002.08%
Tooele County$1,046.00$183,000.000.57%$68,139.001.54%
Uintah County$940.00$183,100.000.51%$67,108.001.40%
Utah County$1,287.00$233,800.000.55%$69,820.001.84%
Wasatch County$1,487.00$317,900.000.47%$74,130.002.01%
Washington County$1,231.00$240,900.000.51%$55,484.002.22%
Wayne County$563.00$167,500.000.34%$55,066.001.02%
Weber County$1,289.00$168,300.000.77%$63,919.002.02%

Need more info? For a nationwide comparison of each state's highest and lowest taxed counties, see median property tax by state. To find detailed property tax statistics for any county in Utah, click the county's name in the data table above.

Sources: This data is based on a 5-year study of median property tax rates on owner-occupied homes in Utah conducted from 2006 through 2010. Data sourced from the U.S. Census Bureau, The Tax Foundation, and various state and local sources.